Molekule Air

The sleek design features a vegan leather handle, allowing you to easily transport the Air from room to room. And if you’re worried about noise, don’t be: the operation is nearly silent, so you can run the purifier all night and not have a minute of your precious sleep disturbed.

Noise Level

Molecule performs a great job with the noise feature. While operating, the machine keeps the noise of less than 65 dB (the highest speed). At this rate, the sound won’t catch your notice and is manageable for sleep.


Destroys pollutants in small rooms up to 250 sq. ft. , like studio apartments, kids'rooms home offices


Five fan speeds ranging from whisper quiet to boost

PECO technology

Light-activated filter breaks down pollutants at a molecular level

Covers up to 250 sq. ft.

Convenient touch-screen gives you all the info & control you need.

At 41 decibels, Air’s lowest speed is quieter than your ideal roommate.

See filter status or select fan speed right from your phone.