Molekule Air Mini

Molekule Air Mini uses Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology to destroy viruses, VOCs, allergens, bacteria & mold. Designed for small rooms up to 250 sq. ft. Ideal for studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms & home offices. Smart & Connected – Molekule Air Mini is easy to control using its one-touch interface.

The features

Just like its big brother, the Molekule Air Mini uses a photoelectrochemical oxidation (PECO) filter coated with nanoparticles that, when reacting to UV light, destroys pollutants at a molecular level. Most air filters that use a standard HEPA filter are able to collect things like pollen, pet dander, and mold.

Air Mini

Destroys pollutants in small rooms up to 250 sq. ft. , like studio apartments, kids'rooms home offices


Five fan speeds ranging from whisper quiet to boost

PECO technology

Light-activated filter breaks down pollutants at a molecular level

Covers up to 250 sq. ft.

Simple touch-display shows your speed and WiFi connectivity.

In 2020, the Edison Awards awarded their “best of the best” Gold award to the Molekule Air Mini in the Consumer Goods category and Home Solutions subcategory.

Choose between five fan speeds, and track your PECO-Filter status from your app, wherever you are.