Molekule - Air Mini+

The Molekule Air Mini+ is a plug and play filter. It arrives with the filter installed in plastic, so you must first open the unit and remove the plastic. Then, all you have to do is unwrap the cord from the bottom and plug it in. Once you do, you touch the top center of the filter to adjust the power up or down.

What is it?

The Molekule Air Mini+ utilizes the same new technology air purification system as the Molekule Air Mini and offers the same experience covering up to 250 sq. ft. In addition, the Air Mini+ includes a particulate matter sensor & Auto Protect mode, designed to detect large particles in the air like dust and dander, and then automatically adjust the device’s fan speed based on that particulate matter it senses.

Air Mini+

Destroysviruses& bacteria and detects particles in small rooms up to 250 sq. ft. , like studio apartments kids'rooms

Auto Protect mode

Adjusts fan speed based onthe sensor readings to clean the air


Rates air particle levels from " Good" to" Very bad"

PECO technologyPECO

Light-activated filter breaksdown pollutants at a molecular level

In 2020, the Edison Awards awarded their “best of the best” Gold award to the Molekule Air Mini in the Consumer Goods category and Home Solutions subcategory.

On 3/9/21, Molekule announced that Air Mini & Air Mini+ were FDA 501(k)-cleared for medical use to destroy bacteria & viruses. (510(K) Number K202339).

See filter status. Choose Auto Protect or 5 fan speeds. For medical use, run on speed 3 or higher.